Lazy Nigerian Youth

Dear Lazy Nigerian Youth,

Hope you’re having a great day? It’s me, your sister another Lazy Nigerian working hard at life and slaving away in another man’s country because my leaders haven’t created opportunities for me. But with the little I have, I am making a difference in my community

Recently I read that the president has called all Nigerian youths lazy and the internet is blowing up. I understand completely that that hurts, especially coming from the president of the country. Unfortunately, this shouldn’t be news, but it is and we can now speak on it.

Do you think you’re lazy? If your answer is yes, then I rest my case, but if your answer is No then why does this affect you in any way? The president can say what he wants, but the facts are there and can’t be denied, we got him that office from the photos for his campaign to the social media posts to the retweets on Twitter. We are millennials and what that means is we are born in an age where we can will anything in our power because we are cool like that.

Why do you do the things you do?

I work hard for a better country because I want the generation after me to have a better Nigeria where people do not have to travel to another country to get a better education and come back to be valued. I want a Nigeria that is built on good health care systems. I want a Nigeria where water and electricity is not a privilege but a right. I want a Nigeria where jobs are created every day. Where one person doesn’t have the power to embezzle a 100 million.

So my ever faithful Lazy Nigerian youth, let’s not dwell on this too long, trying to figure out why the president said what he said, but instead, let’s start honest conversations about how to make Nigeria great again. So the labor of our heroes past will not be in vain.

I understand it’s not easy and I know how tough it can get but this is a teaching that spoke to me and I thought I’ll share in my letter. It’s a story from the Bible about Joseph, no I’m not trying to convert you, be a little patient and read. The story of Joseph is one of the best examples of Patience and trust your journey. Joseph had a dream about how he will be so powerful, save his land and his family will bow before him. He was 17 when he had this dream, by the time this came to pass Joseph was 44years old. It took 27years of trials, sufferings, and temptation before he finally got to his purpose. I am not saying it will take that long for you, but it could so I want you to be patient and do the time.

Don’t give up on Nigeria because someone called you lazy, you just might be our saving grace. We need you, we want you, you are the future. Create a Nigeria where Lazy Nigerians make the decisions and create opportunities for the generation after us so they do not suffer.

Like the National anthem says, Arise O’Compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey. Thank you, Lazy Nigerian Youth and I hope we can stand together in unity. Get 

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! 

Hope everyone's having a beautiful Easter celebration with family and friends, as I write this blog, I am spending mine at church and later heading to have lunch with a few friends. 

Before I dive into this week's blog, I want to say thank you very much for all the messages, emails and calls. Jubilee Clothe has done so well and exceeded my expectations in the past week that all I can do is be grateful to God. Thank you for praying for me and for sending me so much positive energy. I hope and pray that God will do for you more than he has done for me, I'm rooting for you. 

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Jubileé Clothe is official

Happy Sunday! 

I am super excited about this week's blog. Excuse me if I get all emotional on this one. I finally launched my clothing store Jubileé Clothe, you can check it out here 

I had a launch party on Saturday, March 24th and I invited some of my very close friends to come have first look at the pieces. They all loved it so much that we SOLD OUT on some pieces. But we still have a lot on the website so go shop for yourself. I can't wait to see you in some of our pieces. 

I've been working on this for about two years now and to finally see it come to life means the world to me. I love to give back and wanted to create something I love while giving back, which is why 10% of all sales goes to support women and children in Nigeria that were affected by the Boko Haram insurgency. At the end of the year, we will calculate 10% of all sales. My team and I will be in Nigeria giving back, there is no middleman so you're sure the money and items get to those who need it. We will be sharing pictures on our page. We want to grow to where we can go more than once a year. 

If you want to be a part of this initiative let us know because we want to create safe environments for these women and their children. 

Here are pictures from the event which I have been dying to share with you all. Don't forget to shop! Shop!! Shop!!! 

All photos were taken by Justine Joy @justinejoyphotography